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You’re so busy traveling and speaking that it’s hard to work ON your keynote speaking business and land those higher-paying speaking gigs. But trading time for dollars is tiring.

Recurring Revenue

We create customized marketing and sales campaigns that build recurring revenue streams so you get more speaking requests, build a steady income, and get you off the hamster wheel – for good.

Greater Impact

When you work with us, you can focus on the parts of your business that you’re great at – sharing your expertise and connecting with people – while experiencing remarkable business growth.

Flight Media's results-oriented marketing can help you:

  • Get more speaking requests
  • Increase your speaking fee
  • Stop trading time for dollars
  • Build recurring revenue
  • Have more personal time
  • Have greater impact

What Is Unclear Marketing and Fragmented Sales Costing Your Speaking Business?

Do you have a marketing strategy for every speaking engagement to capture as many new leads as possible?

Are your sales efforts on the back end effectively properly qualify leads and turn prospects into customers?

How many revenue opportunities are you really missing out on?

Do you have plans to build recurring revenue through digital products?

Without a strategic marketing and sales plan, you could be losing thousands of dollars.

We help speakers who:

  • Want more speaking engagements
  • Want higher-paid speaking engagements
  • Don’t have a book but have one they need to launch
  • Have a book that didn’t do well and want to relaunch
  • Have digital products but need to relaunch them
  • Want to build more digital products
  • Validate a digital course idea before you launch
  • Build a digital course

A marketing strategy and sales alignment plan that will transform your keynote speaker business.

“The services that Flight Media provides allows me to have many micro touchpoints.

Whether it’s my blog, my posts on LinkedIn, my social media, the ability to get calls & appointments scheduled with me, or to sell the products on my website, Flight Media helped me, in essence, to take flight.”

Kaplan Mobray
Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author

Here’s How To Grow Your Business

Flight Media’s Scalable Speaking Model

Book your free marketing assessment.

Let’s review your existing marketing strategy and evaluate it honestly.

Uncover your biggest challenges.

We’ll pinpoint what’s holding you back and halting your growth.

Build a customized strategy.

We’ll focus on components that will deliver the most value/impact.

Speak more. Build recurring revenue. Have greater impact.

While you’re doing what you do best, we’ll execute your customized plan to generate speeches, and sell digital products & books.

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Speak More. Build Recurring Revenue. Have Greater Impact.