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With the average client experiencing over 400% monthly lead growth in 12 months,
our inbound marketing will take your revenue to the next level.

Our Inbound Includes

Funnel DevelopmentFunnel Development

Funnel Development

Every successful campaign begins with creating a 'funnel' for your subscribers, leads and customers. Why? You typically won't talk the same to a subscriber as you would a customer! By creating a clear path-to-purchase, we'll be able to track every contact in their journey to becoming your customer. (Pretty cool, eh?)
Funnel Development


At the CORE of Inbound Marketing is CONTENT CREATION. One of the most effective ways to create content for your audience is through blogging. By creating regular content, you position yourself as a thought leader, attract traffic from social media and acquire website visitors from Mother Google. In other words, blogging = gold.
Sales AutomationSales Automation

Sales Automation

While lead-acquisition is a very vital task in itself, what happens after they’re acquired is even more important. This is where sales automation comes into play. With Hubspot, we’ll develop automated lead-nurturing email campaigns that will drip content to unconverted leads, till they’re ready to buy.
Sales Automation
Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on the front page of Google is essential for acquiring and maintaining organic website traffic. We’ll research your competitors, find out what they’re kind of content they’re creating, and do it better. Hubspot’s in-depth keyword research tool also allows us to write posts, based on pinpoint searches done in Google every day, and tailor them to your audience to position you as an industry thought leader.
Search Engine Optimization
Persona DevelopmentPersona Development

Persona Development

In the first phase of your inbound campaign, we’ll work to develop your buyer persona. Otherwise known as your ‘ideal customer.’ What do they like? How old are they? What gender are they? Where do they live? What are their purchasing behaviors? Don’t worry, we’ll find out and tailor your campaigns to them.
Persona Development


We’re an adaptive marketing and design agency. Based on your monthly reports (social media, content marketing, email marketing, etc.,) we decide how to proceed with the next month. Your success and generated revenue is our #1 priority.
Landing Page DesignLanding Page Design

Landing Page Design

Once you have an e-book, it’s important to have a website page dedicated to capturing visitor information, in exchange for downloading it. Our landing pages typically convert 20%-42% of visitors into leads.
Landing Page Design
Email MarketingEmail Marketing

Email Marketing

On average, email marketing returns $38 for every $1 invested. Why? It works. It's one of the fastest, most effective ways to reach hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of your subscribers at once -- resulting in significant sales. And we like sales.
Email Marketing
Lead Management And GenerationLead Management And Generation

Lead Management and Generation

Utilizing the almighty Hubspot, we'll segment and manage your subscribers, leads and customers -- right where they are in your customer lifecycle. From there, all content, offers and promotions will be tailored to them.
Lead Management and Generation
Ebook DesignEbook Design

Ebook Design

To generate leads, it’s most effective to give away something for free–often in the form of an e-book. By doing this, we can capture necessary information into our Hubspot CRM (email, phone, name, position, etc.), follow up and close the sale.
Ebook Design
Website DesignWebsite Design

Website Design

When it comes to building a successful online brand, it all starts with one place -- your website. It's the place you drive prospects and customers. The place anyone can visit to learn more about your brand, without second-guessing. It has to be stunning, breathtaking and any other positive adjective you can think of. Websites are a dime a dozen and a beautiful website is often times the difference between gaining a fan/subscriber/sale or losing one. Luckily, our websites are top-of-the-line, trending, responsive, and quite frankly, some of the best on the planet. Why? Because they aren't stock--they're custom to your brand.
Website Design
Social Media ManagementSocial Media Management

Social Media Management

Our social media strategy is world-class. Over the last few years, we've learned that social media is a SCIENCE. Our inbound marketing includes full management for each network. Click here to learn more about our social media philosophy.
Social Media Management


The 4 Pillars of Social Media

There are 4 essential ingredients to a successful social media brand, based on our study of more than 50,000 posts and 200 accounts.

GROWTH: Accumulating a relevant social media following through targeted interaction. Whether that’s commenting, liking, following, re-sharing, etc.

POSTING: The scheduling of social media posts at the right times, in the right frequencies, based on the 4 most effective types of content. This pillar creates value and positions you as an industry leader.

ENGAGEMENT: ‘Thanking’ social followers for sharing your content or posts, answering questions about products/services, creating relationships with followers, and building brand awareness.

REPORTING: Running regular reports allows us to analyze trends and make strategic decisions, based on past performance.

Raving Clients (Pretty Cool People)

  • Half my age and twice as wise, Josh & his team at Flight Media have transformed my business, and many of my clients. Not only did they take me from 3,500 Twitter followers to over 35,000, but they changed how I think & run my business. I heart you, Flight Media!

    Barbara Abel Abel Intermedia
  • Their strategies are unlike any company I’ve worked with because they WORK. If you’re looking for inbound marketing or design elsewhere, stop. Flight Media’s your final destination.

    Dr. Jamé Heskett The Well Path
  • The services that Flight Media provides allows me to have many micro touchpoints. Whether it's my blog, my posts on LinkedIn, my social media, the ability to get calls & appointments scheduled with me, or to sell the products on my website, Flight Media helped me, in essence, to take flight.

    Kaplan Mobray Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author

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Inbound Case Studies

How We Helped Kaplan Mobray Increase RFPs by 600% With Inbound Marketing

Kaplan Mobray Inbound Case Study

Kaplan Mobray is a best-selling author, executive coach and personal branding expert pulling in $10-$20k per speaking gig.

But even at this stage of his successful career, he knew he needed help engaging his audience and marketing his own personal brand.

Hiring an inbound marketing agency proved the way to go, helping Mobray achieve several goals: Increasing his online presence, attracting leads, and generating RFPs.

  • Website visitors increased by 74.58%.
  • Contacts increased by 642.86%.
  • RFPs increased by 600%.

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$3K / month

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“The services that Flight Media provides allows me to have many micro touchpoints. Whether it’s my blog, my posts on LinkedIn, my social media, the ability to get calls & appointments scheduled with me, or to sell the products on my website, Flight Media helped me, in essence, to take flight.”

Kaplan Mobray
Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author