Here’s how to submit a guest post to Flight Media’s Blog

The Flight Media blog receives nearly 10,000 monthly readers and we broadcast our blogs to more than 150,000 social media followers.

We love to share our platform with up-and-coming marketers, seasoned experts, and everyone in between.

Here’s what our blog covers:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Design
  • Sales

Fastest way to get published

Follow these guidelines! It’s really that easy!

  • Choose a topic from the list above.
  • Be original.
  • Write a high-quality article.
  • Follow our blog’s style and tone.
  • Credit your sources.
  • Use examples and images to back up your ideas.

More about examples… This one is probably the biggest factor that will lead to your article being published.

Instead of general statements about inbound marketing, for example, show readers how your company tested a concept.

Or use stats that back up your claims. In general, the more specific, the better.

Fastest way to NOT get published

  • Cover a topic that’s already on our blog!
  • Use too many links.
  • Submit a promotional article.
  • Include inaccuracies or offensive concepts.
  • Be unwilling to revise.

Submitting your article

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: What to send

  1. 3 quality images that are relevant to the topic
  2. 800+ word article
  3. 2+ internal links to Flight Media’s blog
  4. 2+ external links that add value to the article
  5. Your bio (with a link to your website and social media accounts)

Step 2: Submit the article

  1. Create a GoogleDoc.
  2. Name the document like this: “Title_yourname”
  3. Email the article to guestpost [at] flightmedia [dot] co

If your article is accepted, we will let you know! Unfortunately, we can’t respond to all inquiries 🙂


Can I republish the guest post?

No — publishing duplicate content is bad for everyone. Besides getting jiggy with sharing the article, you can:

  • Email the link.
  • Republish images Flight Media creates for the blog. Simply copy or embed and then properly attribute Flight Media as the source.
  • Quote 50-75 words from the original guest post in your own new article or content (with proper attribution).

What is your attribution policy?

  • Show Flight Media as the source of the link, image or quote.
  • Include a link to the original Flight Media content.
  • When referring to downloadable content, link to the landing page URL, not the actual content.

What should I avoid doing?

  • Republishing the content.
  • Trying to make a profit off the content. (Affiliate marketing = bad)