5-Day Giveaway BOOTCAMP

How to 10X Your Email List & Profits With Giveaway Campaigns

In this 5-day bootcamp, you’ll get 5+ hours of in-depth training & instructions on how to build, launch, and monetize your email list with giveaway campaigns.

**IMPORTANT: I'm closing this program September 30th at 11:59pm. We have 300+ members and will be revamping it BIG time and selling at a much higher price point. I've made it only seven bucks for the last few days of the month.

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What Students Are Saying 🎉

From 1,481 -> 3,063 Emails in Week 1

"In the first week, I went from 1,481 email subscribers to 3,063 subscribers. Josh's techniques work! I'm thrilled and the sales already paid for my ad budget." - James

1,500 Emails In First 48 hours 😳

"I set a goal of 500 email subscribers and, as of yesterday, which was day 2, I've already 3X'd that goal. I'm at 1,500 subscribers already. This group is kind, caring, and super-involved!" - Veachel

300 New Emails In One Week 🎉

"I ran it for a week and got 300 NEW contacts!" - Yvette


Who This Is For & Results To Expect

This bootcamp was specifically designed to help ecommerce brands explode their email lists & generate not only immediate sales, but also long-term revenue growth as a result of ongoing email marketing campaigns.

Brands who go through this framework typically add 50-400 subscribers/day while running giveaways.

331/day is the average if you follow the framework.

How It Works & What's Included

Private Facebook Group (Lifetime Access)

Everything will be held in our private Facebook group. Inside it, you’ll be able to find like-minded ecommerce community, get feedback, access resources, etc.

Day 1: Why Giveaways & Crafting Your Offer

You’ll learn why giveaways are the #1 way to grow your email list as an ecommerce business.

The problem most brands run into when doing a giveaway is having a bad offer.

In this deep-dive training, Josh will show you real numbers that you can achieve with giveaway campaigns, as well as walk you through our framework for determining precisely what your offer will be in order to maximize opt-ins.

Day 2: Mistakes To Avoid & The “Viral Variables”

You’ll get a peak behind the largest mistakes we see brands make when doing giveaways and how to avoid them. Then, we’ll teach you the most important thing of all...

The “viral variables.”

These are the variables that will not only get your giveaway to go viral, but will also grow your following and your retargeting list for paid advertising.

Day 3: Converting Email Subscribers Into Sales

You’ll learn how to take the massive list of subscribers you accumulated during the giveaway and convert them into actual sales.

While email marketing is a long-term strategy for revenue growth, you will also be able to drive immediate sales.

Done right, email marketing should generate $1-$4/mo per person on your email list.

"He with the largest list makes the most money." - Someone Wise

Day 4: Exploding Your List With Paid & Free Marketing

With the framework of your giveaway complete, I’ll show you how to start fueling your giveaway list-building machine with traffic. This will work with both free AND paid traffic.

I’ve seen brands go from 40 to 2,000 email subscribers strictly with free traffic and no ads.

I’ve also seen brands go from 1,700 to 14,000 email subscribers with a mixture of free & paid. We’ll teach you both strategies.

Day 5: Managing Campaigns & Unlocking Limitless Growth

What happens during & after your first giveaway? How often should you do them? How do you streamline efforts for ongoing giveaways?

You’ll learn all of those things as well as how to close the loop on how many dollars your giveaways generate.

Email list growth is important.
Profit is more important.

BONUS: Private Facebook Group Access ($999 Value)

One of the most crucial aspects of business is the accountability & support through your launch and beyond.

You'll get lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook Group as you complete action items, get feedback from others, post results, and maintain momentum.

You'll also likely see my team's office pup, Maxwell, make an appearance at some point. 🐶

This group collectively does millions per month on revenue.

10X Your Email List With Giveaways


Why Does It Cost $99 To Join?

When I was a kid, my mom used to give me "weekly allowance." It was great because I didn't have to do anything for it. (Which is why I would blow it on anything and not care.)

It wasn't until I was older that I realized how much more I valued things that I paid for. It took them more seriously.

This $99 isn't for me to rake in massive profits, but rather to separate the people who are willing to put the cost of going out to a restaurant on the line.

That’s it.

This bootcamp is intense.
This training is deep and actionable.

It’s not a fluff-filled event that is 10% training & 90% selling some $997 course.

In fact, there is no program. This IS it.
No "high-ticket" back-end. (Yet)

(Although I could sell it for 20X more.)

I've beta-tested these strategies with over 120 ecommerce brands, so I know it'll work for you.

But to get into the club, you'll need to buy the bouncer a nice dinner.

To your mad success,
Josh Coffy, Fully Caffeinated Founder


Torro Offroad Adds 13,000+ Emails With Giveaways

Torro Offroad ran two giveaways following this framework and grew their email list from 1,700 to just over 15,000 people.

Ad Spend: $3,000
List Growth: +13,300
Immediate Sales: $21,000
Social Media Follower Growth: 400%

500 Emails Or It's Free

If you go through the 5-Day Bootcamp and don't add at least 500 people to your email list, I'll happily refund your $99.

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