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Your business’ future belongs to inbound marketing – an approach designed to fuel sustainable growth over the long term.

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Are you tired of writing blogs and seeing traffic flatline? Do you know you need to be in the content game but don’t have a writer?

Search Engine
Optimization Strategy

Keeping up with SEO changes and knowing where to focus your efforts is a huge challenge.

Buyer Persona Development

Website messaging, content and more needs to based on precise buyer persona data. Without it, your efforts will miss the mark.


Managing leads through the customer lifecycle depends on effective email marketing and automation.


Your website needs to speak the right language in order to capture attention and convert leads.

CRM Setup
and Management

The CRM you use can greatly streamline your marketing efforts, make you more productive and drive leads.


Lots of low-quality leads will do nothing for your business. But put a lead-generation system in place that drives high quality marketing and sales leads, and you’ll see sustainable revenue growth.


A paid ad strategy can help drive short-term results, and complement a long-term organic campaign.

Sales Approach

With a shorter sales cycle and a better close rate, all of your sales and marketing strategies will be more effective.

“As an entrepreneur, I’m trying to wear every hat. But marketing is a hat that I don’t know enough about and I’m willing to put it in someone’s hands who does. I knew I did not know what I was doing.

I love Flight Media because I’m getting all these different aspects of how marketing works. From the writer and understanding how to put those words together to the tech side, website, and also the social media side. There are a lot of different aspects, so I think when you’re looking for a marketing team, you need to make sure that all of those pieces are incorporated.”

Kelly Springer, Registered Dietitian, Speaker and Brand Ambassador

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