Your business needs content. It’s no big secret. And now that you’ve finally bought into the whole content marketing idea, you wonder why it’s not producing results for your business. You’re not alone. Plenty of business owner struggle with publishing posts that bring results. And while each business has different challenges, you can find some common mistakes many make. Today, we’re going to talk about the top three content marketing mistakes. And you’ll get several tips, tricks and resources to make sure that you never make them again.

#1: Neglecting Proper Strategy

A blog serves as the hub for all the amazing things you publish. And regardless of which approach you take, one thing remains clear: You must have a method to the madness. That happens when you instate a proper strategy. Many bloggers think that as long as the blog stays updated, that’s enough. But I hate to break it to you… it’s not. Tons of effort goes into establishing a remarkable blog that generates a positive ROI for your endeavors. And the only way to ensure you’re putting in the right kind of effort? Strategy. Only 35% of B2B marketers use a content strategy. … which perhaps explains why only 8% of B2B marketers feel their content marketing efforts are very effective. But what does it take to establish a solid strategy? The following list of resources will provide you with plenty of information on the topic to get you started. Don’t wait any longer. Get started and establish your strategy. It’s the only way to really know where you’re at, where you’re going and how to get there. Resources: [checklist]


#2: Creating Bad Headlines

This happens to the best of us. Even after writing professionally for 6 years, I still miss the mark with amazing headlines sometimes. It’s hard. It takes time. And between you and me, it’s kinda frustrating. But when you craft a compelling headline that drives traffic, it makes all the work worth it. (Heck, a post we wrote last year called “Guide to Making $6,500 on Elance in 45 Days” grabs enough attention from Google to drive 3,000 pageviews per month. The 25 Variations Brainstorm works well for me. And it’s as easy as it sounds. Once you finished your article, absorb the story you just told. Then brainstorm 25 variations of a headline variations that works. Now you should have several good headlines and at least one or two amazing ones. You’re welcome. Trust me when I say: You can find a huge amount of research and case studies on headlines. And I could spend hundreds of words elaborating on how to create compelling ones. Instead, I’ve curated research, best practices and case studies for you. Bookmark this page, share it with a friend and refer back anytime you need a headline refresher: Basic Tips & Tricks: [checklist]

[/checklist] Headline Hacks & Formulas: [checklist]

[/checklist] Case Studies: [checklist]


#3: Forgetting the Audience

The pressure of churning out content on a regular basis often stifles other important factors. You can easily forget why you started writing in the first place: to engage, connect and inspire your audience. But your content will fall flat every time you remove that personal touch from the content. It won’t engage. It won’t connect. And it certainly won’t inspire. That seems pretty harsh, but it’s the truth. You must always keep your audience in mind when writing a blog post, recording a podcast, or filming a video. In fact, you should really craft a buyer persona and write for that one person. Only that person. When your words feel that personal, you will accomplish your content goals. There’s a lot of backend work that goes into understanding your audience on this level. It requires personas, mapping, behavioral research, targeting the buying cycle and speaking their language. But the light at the end of the tunnel is a beautiful land full of engaged audience members. Keep trekking. You can get there. I just know it. Resources: [checklist]



Epic mistakes can destroy the effectiveness of good content. Don’t let it happen to you. It takes time to publish work. When you make basic errors, it feels like you wasted time. This leads to discouragement, and causes entrepreneurs to abandon content marketing. But if you avoid these mistakes, you can steer clear of that unhappy ending. Have you ever made one of these mistakes? Did you find that rectifying it impacted your future content in a positive way? Share it in the comments!