As an entrepreneur, my daily to-do list features a broad range of tasks to accomplish. I’ll have to work on large projects over the course of a week, medium-sized projects throughout the day. But then I’ve got the quick wins.

Oh, how I love those.

It’s things that I do in just a few minutes each day.

And they can have a huge payoff. In fact, I just landed a new client from a quick win that takes me 5 minutes each day. Trust me, it adds up.

Other gurus will tell you about all their massive, complex strategies. But I want to tell you about these wins.

They’re everywhere. These are just a few.

1. Use Email as a Social Media CTA

You can harness daily email interactions to build a social media following. This simple change could pay exponential dividends, especially if you use email often.

Add social media profile links in your signature.

You can do this in several different ways. I use it to build my Instagram and Twitter account (my social networks of choice).

Highlighting the call-to-action makes it stand out from the rest of your signature.  If you use Gmail, go into the settings (the little gear icon in the top right corner of the inbox). You’ll see a spot to edit your signature about halfway down the page or so.

To highlight, choose the font color icon, then select a background color.

And don’t forget click Save Changes at the bottom of the page!

2. Screengrab & Increase Retweets

According to research by Buffer, Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without.

But what about when you can’t find that perfect image?

It happens. Maybe it’s the wrong size or just won’t do the trick. Luckily, taking a quick screenshot can ensure that you don’t miss out on the engagement that comes with images.

Look through the post and find things like:

  • bullet lists
  • sections of infographics
  • block quotes
  • a few paragraphs

Remember, Twitter images use a 2:1 ratio. So, if the blog post width is 610px, then aim for a screenshot height of 305px.

I did this with a Tweet from a recent Flight Media article:

Screenshot 2015-04-03 17.43.35

And true to the statistics, I got more retweets on that than other recent tweets without images.

3. Build a Twitter Newsroom (List)

You need to stay up-to-date on latest developments. A curated place for breaking news, insights and trending topics makes a social manager’s life easier.

I don’t know about you, but I love anything that simplifies my day.

Every morning, I scroll through several lists. I’ve curated several, some private and others public. My favorite is the “Awesome Agencies” list that features a huge list of digital firms:

If you’d like to start by subscribing to others’ lists, Post Planner released a post with 101 of the best Twitter lists in several categories, including:

  • Social Media
  • Startups & Tech
  • Venture Capital
  • Journalists/News
  • Women
  • Business
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Tools
  • Sports
  • Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food
  • Travel

Or you could go big and curate your own industry list. Make sure not to create/subscribe to too many, though.

I’ve done that and it gets pretty overwhelming. Information. Overload.


You have limited time throughout the day. That means you need to make the most of what few minutes you have.

Luckily, good social media doesn’t always require someone working 40 hours a week on it. And even if you do have someone doing that, could you imagine using them to scale these tactics? But that’s a post for another day.

Quick wins, my friend. Quick wins.

Start with these. Find others. And most importantly, share the ones you keep tucked up your sleeve in the comments below! twitter-hacks-magnet