At Flight Media, we work with clients in a variety of industries.

One niche area is helping speakers and authors grow their brand by increasing traffic, driving leads, and converting prospects.

Kaplan Mobray is one such client. He’s a best-selling author, executive coach and personal branding expert.

He’s already “made it” by many standards, pulling in $10,000 to $20,000 for a single speaking gig.

But even at this stage of his successful career, Mobray wasn’t holding back. He came to Flight Media for help further engaging his audiences and marketing his own personal brand.

Together, we developed several goals for his inbound marketing strategy, which included:

  • Increasing his online presence.
  • Attracting more leads.
  • Generating RFPs.
  • Selling more products through his website.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of his results:


The Problem

At every speaking event, Mobray was reaching thousands of people.

These were potential prospects  –  comprised of people who made up his ideal audience  –  who were exposed to his brand every day.

He knew their struggles. He knew how to help them. And he had products (ebooks and course) and services (one-on-one coaching and consulting) to offer that would help them drive their careers further.


But here’s the problem: Mobray was a very busy business owner.

He spoke (and traveled) around 250 days a year  –  often more  –  so it was a real challenge for him to find time to work ON his business and marketing.

The ability to engage these audiences AFTER the speaking engagements ended was proving difficult.

As a result, his online visibility, lead generation, and online RFPs were really low. (The RFPs he did get were solely based on word-of-mouth recommendations).

Mobray was doing the right things: He had a website. He managed a few social media accounts. He had an email list.

But these components weren’t running in sync, his website was outdated, and still, he lacked the necessary time and expertise to build a powerful inbound marketing campaign on his own.

Flight Media Steps In

We worked closely with Mobray to build an inbound marketing campaign from the ground up.

We dove into his marketing challenges and built a system that would strategically increase his online presences, drive sales and generate leads.

Here’s what we did:

  • Developed buyer personas
  • Established SMART goals
  • Built a new website
  • Created free offers
  • Designed and created content for social media and blogs
  • Established an organic and paid lead generation strategy
  • Built an online shop

What Happened Next

We wrote and published weekly blogs on Mobray’s website, targeting strategic keywords, which increased his website’s rankings.

We also broadcast this content on his social media channels. A

s the conversation got going, social media engagement increased. Mobray’s online position as an expert in the field of personal branding grew exponentially.

Prospects began reaching out to him, learning more about his products and services and how he could help them develop their personal brand.

Now, when Mobray was at speaking engagements, he could fully focus on delivering an attention-grabbing speech and offering action-oriented information.

All the while, his inbound marketing campaign was gaining traction.

Every time he was in front of an audience, Mobray could proudly point people to his website, where people could sign up for his email newsletter, grab some of his free ebooks, or buy his books  –  and it captured leads left and right.

The Results Don’t Lie

In just three months of the inbound marketing campaign starting, Mobray’s website visitors, email contacts, and RFPs went through the roof.

Website visitors

The website portion of the inbound marketing strategy got staggering results.

website visitors

Before inbound, and within just three months of the campaign’s start date, website visitors increased by 74.88 percent – that’s almost double the number of website visitors.

Note: This number includes both audiences who hear Kaplan speak and organic traffic.

Email contacts

Email contacts also grew by leaps and bounds.


Before inbound marketing, Mobray had just 12 contacts.

After inbound, that number increased to 104 qualified contacts (or leads who provided their name and email address in exchange for a free offer (Accelerating Your Career ebook) in the first quarter.

That’s over 640% growth.


But the crux of it all comes down to RFPs. Mobray’s speaking business depends on people requesting that he speak at various events.


Before inbound marketing, Mobray’s website generated TWO requests for proposals a quarter.

Two RFPs is very low, and the website obviously wasn’t getting much traction for Mobray in terms of booking speaking engagements.

After implementing an inbound marketing plan, RFPs grew by 600 percent, with 14 RFPs coming in quarter 2 alone.


Needless to say, Mobray was ecstatic about the campaign’s results.

Consider these stats: If just one-quarter of the 14 RFPs acquired in quarter 2 hired Mobray, he’d make $35,000 (if each speaking gig was for $10,000) from his investment in inbound marketing  –  and that’s in just one quarter.

If the speaking engagements were for the higher end of his speaking rate, he’d be positioned to gross $70,000 in one quarter.

Let’s look at the potential results over one year: If he continued to get just 14 RPFs every quarter, that number could tally 56 RFPs in one year.

If one-quarter of the requests hired him to speak, Mobray’s gross could total $140,000 in his first year (based on a $10,000 fee).

But that number grows to $280,000 (based on a $20,000 speaking fee).

Final Thoughts

What kind of ROI are you getting from your inbound marketing efforts?

Are you ready to wave the white flag and get expert help to drive your numbers  –  like Mobray did?

Get in touch with us today!