Successful entrepreneurship goes beyond basic leadership qualities.

You must venture into the unknown, lead and inspire others in your vision, and establish a functional business structure.

That requires a level of tenacity that far exceeds your typical mid-level manager.

But with all the responsibilities of building your business, you can easily let leadership slip away.

Before long, your team feels burnt out, the business doesn’t operate efficiently and you even feel uninspired.

How can you avoid this terrifying picture?

Develop strong leadership skills.

In addition to the many qualities you need for success, there are six main leadership skills that can help you reach your full potential.

Deal With Things Realistically

You won’t find a shortage of lofty dreamers with big plans and bigger imaginations.

Every word from their mouth brings you along a journey of their idealistic vision.

Unfortunately, very few of these people ever see their dreams come to fruition.

It’s sad, but it happens when we lose ourselves in the big picture while failing to actually create it.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t dream any less.

They just understand how to root their lofty aspirations in a concrete reality.

Making a business work requires building a business model, attracting smart people, creating the right opportunities and meeting deadlines.

It’s not as glamorous as the big picture, but it’s just as important.

Admit and Accept Failure

Great leaders know how to say things like:

“I was wrong.” and…“I didn’t make the right choice, and I’m sorry.”

When you can instinctively admit your mistakes and accept responsibility, you’re on the right path.

Not only will it make you a more inspiring leader, it does great things for the culture in your company.

Mistakes shouldn’t be an opportunity for others to assign blame and point fingers. Instead, it simply poses a new, unexpected challenge to overcome.

The world won’t end because you (or anyone else) failed.

Cultivate a safe learning environment and your team will love growing.

Adapt Quickly to Change

The most successful entrepreneurs know how to quickly adapt to change and become very flexible in fluctuating circumstances.

This skill helps you make difficult decisions, like pivoting your business model when it’s not working.

It’s a balancing act, though.

Because on the flip side, the ability to stick to your guns when everyone tells you to change also show entrepreneurial strength.

Ultimately, it comes down to knowing your business and keeping a flexible mindset.

But also keeping enough intuition to know when a change could potentially bring harm.

Deal Authentically With Others

Living a real, authentic life enables you to build long-lasting relationships.

And, as you know, in business it’s all about who you know.

Traditionally, companies taught managers to hide vulnerabilities and insecurities from their employees.

But today, businesses across all industries find it incredibly important for leaders to show their strengths AND weaknesses.

The more humanity you reveal to others, the better you can connect with them.

It opens the door for people to feel comfortable with their own vulnerabilities and show you their authentic personality as well.

Grow Personally and Professionally

Exemplary leaders understand the importance of continual growth and reinvention.

You must consistently broaden your perspective, improve your skills and develop emotional intelligence.

As you grow, both personally and professionally, others around you will feel even more inspired by your leadership.

Mentoring, coaching, continuing education, industry conferences and a good book will all help you grow.

And don’t forget your most valuable resource: feedback from the people around you!

Remain Aware in Every Situation

Many entrepreneurs take a tunnel-vision approach to business.

They keep a single-minded focus to build the business, regardless of what it costs (personally, professionally or emotionally).

But truly successful leaders understand the importance of taking an opposite method.

They take time to hear the opinion of others and understand they can’t do it alone.

It’s that type of awareness which will make you shine.


You don’t just wake up one morning with all these qualities.

It requires dedication, determination and hard work to exude these characteristics everyday.

But the benefits outweigh the cost in a big way.

Your turn:

What qualities do you think are most important for entrepreneurs? Are there any qualities you need to develop further? Share your experiences with us in the comments. We want to hear from you!