Recently, I had the opportunity to spend 5 days with the bestselling sales author of all time, Jeffrey Gitomer. It was a game-changer. In those few days, I learned more about my business, success, attitude and mindset than I have in the last 2 years. In fact, since getting back from the trip, my business has exploded. (Literally— I just hired a new employee.) The principles he lives by, the charisma he exudes, the knowledge he distills, and the passion that drives him is, to say the least, inspiring. During my stay, there were literally hundreds of things I learned, but there were 5 core principles that stuck. Read Them. Apply Them. Share Them. Be inspired. [box type=”success” ]Leave a comment with the principle(s) that ‘hit home’ for you personally because I’m going to pick 1 person and send them a signed copy of a book! :)[/box]

1. It’s Never Too Late to Begin

Jeffrey is 69. (Although he definitely doesn’t look it) He didn’t begin his writing career until he was 46. In 1994, his first book, The Sales Bible, was published and is now one of the most well-known sales books of all time. (Buy it here — It’s a must-read) 10 years and a few books later, he published The Little Red Book of Selling, which has now sold more than 5 million copies internationally, he writes a weekly business column called ‘Sales Moves’ that goes out to millions of people, and he has a weekly e-newsletter that goes out to 200k+ subscribers. Since his first book in 1994, he has written another 11 books and is a highly sought-after speaker, giving 100+ presentations per year.

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But Josh, what are you getting at? Most people reading this blog are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. (At least that’s what my analytics tell me.) From the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with subscribers & social media followers who fall under that category, most of you think it’s too late to pursue your dream. (A.K.A. a ‘pipe dream.’) Jeffrey Gitomer is living proof that you (and only you) are what stands in the way of your current situation and your dream. In his 40’s, he turned his life into a massive success. Do yourself a favor and step out of your own way.

2. Life’s Short. Enjoy it.

Can I get an “amen?” Now, I like to think I’m a pretty positive guy, but the entire Gitomer team takes positivity and kindness to a whole new level. While I was there, I felt that every person I in the organization genuinely cared about me. (Almost as much as my own family. Scary, but awesome.) There wasn’t an hour in the day when someone wasn’t asking if I wanted something to eat or drink, if I wanted sugar or creamer for my coffee, or if I was “good”. That’s the kind of hospitality that creates an enjoyable environment and changes people. Here’s a picture I snapped of everyone at the Gitomer headquarters. (Notice the positive energy!) GitomerGang Life’s to short to be negative. To let bitterness build. To live angry. (Tweet this) Are you unhappy at your current job? Probably. How long have you been there while being unhappy? Too long. If you aren’t happy with your current situation, change it. Join a company that encourages positivity and cultivates happiness. Life’s too short to spend another day doing something you don’t love.

3. Give Without Expectation

Growing up, your mother always taught you to share with your siblings. Being the good child you were, you did. But was it out of the kindness of your heart? Or was it out of expectation that you siblings would share with you later? Usually, the latter. The first day I arrived in Charlotte, I was greeted by Jeffrey in his dining room. We began talking and almost immediately, he offered me lunch. Not having eaten, I joked and said, “I’d love some bacon!” He turned around, opened his refrigerator and proceeded to cook me bacon, as well as several other things. His willingness to give blew my mind. (Plus, if there’s one way to win my respect, it’s with bacon.) 🙂 Our conversation continued for a few hours, then I told him, “I’d love to buy a few more books while I’m down here. I read your Little Red Book of Selling on the flight down and it was amazing!” Jeffrey responded, “The only way you’re getting more books is if you don’t pay for them.” He then lead me down the hallway to his personal library of books he’s written. Putting a bag in my hand, he said, “Fill this bag with anything you want.” Feeling like a kid in a candy story, I grabbed each one of his 12 books. By the end of the weekend, however, he had given me a total of 23 books. Some he’d written, some he recommended. This is what my suitcase looked like at the end of the trip. (Carry-on backpack full of books not in picture)

This will be interesting.. I always bring back more stuff than I leave with! #booksfordays #travel #whoops

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  Give without expectation and much will be given to you. (Tweet this) Through Jeffrey’s giving, I was inspired and just placed an order for 15 of his books to give to clients (nurture) and prospects (sales). Are you giving with expectation? Check yourself.

4. Write, Write, Write

I’d have to say that writing has been one of the largest attributions to where I personally am at my age. Through writing, I’ve been able to get Flight Media’s brand in front of hundreds of thousands of people in the last year, as well as expand my knowledge on the topics I write about. Mr. Gitomer seems to agree. He told me that writing was one of his first steps to getting to where he is today. (Hence, 12 books.) That’s why one of the first things Jeffrey told me was, “Josh, you should write a book. And you should call it Retweet Josh.” (Because he knew I was an avid Twitter fan) I think I will. Plus, I’d love to be able to give (without expectating) & sign books for others.

Jeffrey Gitomer Signing Books


  I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “Find what successful people are doing, do it long enough, and you too will become successful.” (Tweet this) Who do you know that is wildly successful and what are they doing? Follow their steps.

5. Leave a Legacy

The entire reason I was at the Gitomer headquarters was to give a presentation on Social Media Branding to a group of people who were becoming ‘Gitomer Certified Advisors’. #GCA (People who share the same principles as Jeffrey– enough to become certified to teach them.) That’s Jeffrey Gitomer’s legacy. To impact enough people who believe in the same principles to pass them on. To change the way sales are made, the way people think, the way people connect, and a ton more.

Closing the #GCA weekend

Closing the #GCA weekend

I’d like to think I’m part of that legacy as well, seeing as I’m writing a blog post about it. 🙂 How do you want people to remember you? What’s your legacy? Think about it. Write it down. Build it.


These were merely 5 things (of hundreds) I learned from spending 5 days with Jeffrey Gitomer. The impact his organization had on me is going to be a lasting one. I hope these 5 principles made you think about getting started (NOW), enjoying life, giving, writing and most of all–leaving a legacy. If this post impacted you, share it. Someone else will appreciate it!