Build a stellar in-house inbound marketing team and the customers will come.

This foundational piece is critical to your success.

Creating an onsite team that you have instant access to and can manage and monitor lets you get tasks done quickly, especially once you fine-tune and automate your processes.

Before you make another move, be sure that you have the budget to fill the critical roles you’ll need on your inbound marketing team and take your inbound marketing to the next level.

If you’ve opted not to outsource your inbound marketing efforts, you’ll need to carefully select the personnel to fill these roles.

Your inbound marketing team

Sorry. You can’t hire one person and call it a team!

That’s because your inbound team needs an inbound marketing consultant, copywriter, inbound marketer, designer, and developer  –  and that’s just the beginning.

There may be a golden unicorn out there  –  one person who has all of these skills.

But she’ll be really, really hard to find.

To reap the rewards of your inbound marketing team, you’ll need people with specialized skills, which combined, will fuel your marketing initiatives and really drive results.

Inbound marketing consultant

The person responsible for execution and brand awareness, the consultant generally oversees the implementation of the inbound marketing campaigns, from inception to completion.

She’ll be in charge of creating your entire strategy, generating quarterly goals, running the project and making sure you reach your targets and experience a positive ROI on your inbound investment.

She’s your go-to person and will make sure that all pieces of the inbound puzzle fit perfectly.

Inbound Marketer

Inbound Marketers make sure that all strategies, plans, and goals actually get executed.

He’ll be taking care of your social media, email marketing, social monitoring and engagement with your prospects, reporting. This is the person that gets the job done, making sure nothing is missed.

Since they’re “on the field” they should generate ideas on how to grow your business/brand further.

Having their hand on the pulse of your Buyer Persona means everything – you’ll know exactly what to create and when to make it public.


Your copywriter will provide the foundation for all of your inbound marketing efforts, because without the content, you don’t have much!

This person will work closely with other team members to ensure the right brand message is conveyed and that content hits the appropriate buyer persona points.

Not to mention all the blogs and free offers they’ll create to help you generate traffic and leads.

Your copywriter is a word wizard that clearly speaks to your Buyer Persona, using their language, solving their pain points, and offering solutions and answers.


The designer will bring your content to life, using engaging visuals and color, and ensure that your branding is consistent across all channels.

The developer will take care of back-end components, create templates, and much more. Having reliable and easy-to-access designer/developer is a vital component of your success.

What if your site crashes or servers are down? Or some other tech issue arises and costs you hundreds of dollars in missed opportunities?

Paid media specialist

Don’t skimp on this vital team member.

A paid media specialist will help you get quick gains in your traffic and engagement, while you build a simultaneous inbound strategy for organic ranking.

While other team members create an inbound fire with all the right strategies and content, the paid media specialist adds oil to it. I know you want results  –  yesterday.

This is the person who can speed everything up!

Video specialist

Bringing in a video specialist to fill out your team will give your business an edge.

Videos are the shining star in today’s digital landscape. They stand out in social media and website content, and you can create an authoritative YouTube channel, driving lots of traffic and leads to your website.

But you need someone who knows how to use the equipment and edit content into a lead-generating tool.

Getting started

With the right team members, you can start driving immediate results from your inbound marketing campaigns.

Just remember a few things to ensure success:

  1. Collaborate. The best inbound marketing teams collaborate well. Because each person brings a unique gift to the table, you can’t build marketing momentum on your own.
  2. Meet. Determine a daily meeting time so the team has the chance to talk about challenges and come up with solutions  –  as well as celebrate wins!
  3. Fit. The ability to work well within a team and having the right skillset can’t be overstated. It’s critical that each team member bring their piece of expertise to the inbound marketing puzzle and be a team player. If the person you’re evaluating for the position doesn’t meet these two criteria, he or she may not be the right fit.

Final thoughts

Think your budget will be stretched to the max trying to fill all of these positions?

Or you don’t have time to manage a team? You might be better off outsourcing your inbound marketing program to an agency.

You’ll pay a fraction of the cost to have them work with you on creating and managing campaigns than you would to hire each individual team member.

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