“I need more traffic!” That’s what entrepreneurs want to see. We obsess over it, crave it, track it and pursue it with a passionate determination. But traffic isn’t everything. That’s right, I said it. In fact, you can name plenty of things more important than traffic (revenue, for example). You could have all the traffic in the world, but if it’s not backed up with a conversion strategy, great content and powerful services/products, then the traffic doesn’t matter. So, what do you do? Entrepreneurs and business owners should focus on creating content that attracts readers. A content-first approach gives you the opportunity to truly engage with people once they get to your website. The following types of content will help you provide immense value to your readership. And, when done right, will even attract new readers.

1. Research-Driven Articles

People love research. And what’s great about compiling research articles, is it doesn’t have to change your industry for people to find it interesting. These types of posts could range from internal studies you conducted to a curation of information on a given topic. It resonates because it shows that you care. And when you care about the success of your audience, they’ll care about you. If you really want to take the research to the next level, listen to your readers. Find out what struggles they face, questions they have or topics that interest them. When you curate information or conduct studies people requested, you’ll know that it will hit home with the audience.

2. List Posts (Like This!)

List posts get the second-highest social shares (second only to infographics). list-post-stats No wonder everyone seems to leverage them in their content marketing. They work! There are even blogs completely devoted to exclusively publishing list posts. List posts work so well because they provide a clear, concise understanding of what the reader should expect. And headlines full of clarity drive clicks. So, want to attract more readers? Give them 10 reasons to visit your site.

3. The Technical ‘How-To’ Post

As a business classic, the how-to post has stood the test of time. Why? Because it’s the best example of educating your readers. They provide immense value, help your readers solve a problem and work well as evergreen content. It’s so valuable, that HubSpot analyzed their posts and found that how-to style posts generated 55% more traffic than other post styles. Find technical topics that you could teach your audience. Then walk them through the process step-by-step. Add appropriate visuals. And viola! You’ve got yourself a super-helpful post.

4. Response Posts

Let’s say someone (preferably a thought leader) publishes a post that stirs you. Perhaps you believe it’s misguided, misinformed or just plain wrong. When this happens, it’s time to craft a response post. Now, keep in mind, you don’t want to ignite an argument. (That’s a different type of post.) Instead, you should strive to open a dialogue between you and the blog or author. Be really careful with these posts. You should never publicly degrade someone or communicate in a rude, unprofessional manner. You just want to ignite a discussion. When you do it right, you’ll attract tons of readers and several comments as well.


Traffic matters. But so does what you do with it once they get there. That’s where awesome content comes into play. Keep things fresh by rotating different types of content in your strategy. And if you ever feel things falling flat, consider spicing things up with a type of content you haven’t tried before. Have you used any of these in your content marketing endeavors? We’d love to hear about the success you’ve had in the comments!