The days of churning 5-10 average articles per day just to attract visitors to your blog or websites are over. Today’s reader is an intelligent person and only smart articles get noticed. That’s why it’s more important than ever for writers to stay on top of their game. People want well-research, highly informative articles containing gems of ingenuity. Anything less gets overlooked and goes unnoticed. Okay, but how do I write content that people will love and share? Great question. Here are 6 content creation hacks that will help anyone write an awesome article.  

1. Let Your Passion Reign

Trust me, a content writing career without passion is a miserable endeavor. But when you infuse passion into your writing, you’ll be embarking on a fulfilling adventure which you look forward to every day. Don’t just focus on the money. If that’s your driving factor, there are plenty of more lucrative career paths to take. Instead, make love and passion for the craft your driving force. Not only will it help you create better work, but it will help make the work feel less taxing and demanding.

2. Find Your Flow

Want to write useful, informative, witty, resourceful and entertaining? Get into the flow.

The flow is that state of mind where you are at your best. It’s where you swim alongside your creative and inventive juices without hearkening to the voice of distraction and negative influences. When you are in the flow, you are in your state of optimal efficiency and concentration.

Sounds pretty great, right? Although that might have sounded a bit whimsical, getting into the flow is a very practical process. Here are a few step I use to get into this state:

Eliminate Distractions

If you want to enter into this state, you need to eliminate all distractions and make a conscious decision to concentrate on the task at hand. Find a quiet place to write. Turn off your phone and stay away from the television.

Don’t Multitask

Contrary to what many people think, multitasking is a way of distracting yourself and never a way of accomplishing more. It is difficult to do a proper job while multitasking. For instance, if you are writing an article, do not check the email or look over at your smartphone or do anything that will take away your mind from what you are doing.

Tame Your Mind

You might succeed in eliminating distractions. You might even retreat to the quietest of places in the world, but if you carry with you a wandering mind, you will not achieve your state of flow. So ensure your mind is fixed on the task at hand.

3. Format Content for the Web

Remember, your goal is to write a well-researched article that solves the readers’ problems. And part of that is how you present the content. Formatting your writing for the web is a critical part of the process. Here are some great tips from Hot Pepper: write-for-the-web

4. Learn to Deal With Writer’s Block

Every writer faces a writer’s block at some point – even the greats that have been writing for years. The difference between you and them? Great writers are those who know how to deal with the monster. writers-block When I face writer’s block, I try to combat it by taking the following steps:

  • Do a lot of research. Sometimes I just don’t have enough information. Digging into popular blogs for ideas and inspiration can help spark your flow.
  • Take a break and reorganize. sometimes the reason nothing is flowing is because you need to take a break. The break can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as a weekend away, depending on your circumstances.
  • Start with anything. Often writer’s block is as a result of not being open enough to ideas. Writing anything can open a floodgate of ideas. If you are having issues about starting to write, start from anywhere. The most important thing is to start

5. Create a Routine

To become a great content writer, you need to create a routine. When I noticed I wasn’t achieving anything with my blog, I decided to create a routine where I would write during specific times of the day. I did this for 21 days and I noticed great improvement in my content writing business. Create a routine you can stick to. After all, inconsistency is the great enemy of content writers.

6. Use Content Writing Tools

Like any other profession, content writers also have their own tools, which are designed to make their work easier. Some of the tools which can come in handy include:

Content writing is a serious business. How will you use these tips to start writing stronger posts for your own blog and your clients?