Guest Post by Corinne Kerston When it comes to building an email list, pretty much everyone has heard of adding optin boxes on their site or having a free offer. While these tactics are tried and true (and actually work!) they are also well-known and predictable. Online readers have come to expect that optin box in the sidebar of your blog or the popup with a free offer. So what’s an online marketer to do? Try new tactics that aren’t overdone, that’s what! Here are some list building tactics that you can add to your marketing strategy. Try one, or better yet, try a few and do some comparison testing.

#1: Host a Webinar

It can be free or paid. It doesn’t matter. All you have to do is collect email addresses upon registration. Can’t get easier than that, and all your signups will be qualified leads.

#2: Offer a Raffle

Not a free report. Not a giveaway. But a raffle. Offer something bigger than you would for your freebie. Something that will actually entice your readers to sign up to be entered. How do they sign up? By entering their email addresses of course!

#3: Do a Promotion On Another Site

Run a contest or raffle on an affiliate or partner website to open your list up to a whole new group of people.

#4: Offer a Discount

This tactic is perfect for retail businesses. Instead of focusing on a free report to offer your website visitors, offer them a discount for signing up. By handing over their email address, visitors will be gifted with a printable coupon or discount code.

#5: Use Printed Material

Even in the world of online marketing, offline tactics still have their place. There are many different types of printed materials that you could use; some of these long forgotten tactics in the fast-paced online world. Some printed materials where can easily market your business are:

  • paper receipts
  • fliers
  • leaflets
  • packaging
  • order forms
  • paper bags

#6: Use a QR Code

If you want to get even more tech-savvy, use a QR code. QR codes grab attention and add a level of intrigue. People can’t help but be curious and check it out. Once they scan it, have the code take them to an opt in page for your email list.

#7: Use Promotional Items

Like printed material, promotional items include your URL. I’m sure you’ve seen these before. You may even have a collection of free pens that you received from numerous businesses. If you take a look at them, they all have one thing in common. They have business names and URLs.

#8: Use Snail Mail

No, I’m not crazy. It may seem outdated. But snail mail is becoming so unexpected today that it actually works. Send fliers or other printed material. Include that QR code on your print outs. 

#9: Do Trade Shows and Conferences

These events offer the opportunity to mingle with people who are genuinely interested in your industry. Collect email address to add to your list. Just make sure to send a welcome email that confirms they have been added to your list.

#10: Host Offline Meetups

Organize local meetups or conferences and collect email addresses with your registration. Again, send that welcome email with a list confirmation.

#11: Use Your Subscribe Link Everywhere

When you post about your business, guest blog, sign off on an email. Instead of using your main URL, link to your list squeeze page.

#12: Promote on Facebook

Use your business page to promote something that requires an email address to sign up. Also, encourage your followers to share your offers with their friends. They more people you reach the better.

#13: Utilize YouTube

If you post any sort of videos, add your link to your description and at the end of your video. Be sure to actually tell viewers to click the link and subscribe. You’ll be surprised at how many people do what they are told. Recommended Read: 8 Steps to Capturing 500,000 Youtube Views in 10 Months


In the online marketing world, your email list is invaluable. Unfortunately, the free report and opt in box are becoming overdone. Multiple your efforts by utilizing some of these list building tactics in your marketing strategy. Have you tried any of these online and offline tactics? Or do you have any other ideas that have worked well for you? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.   25 Traffic Methods