Over the last year, my team and I have been avid blog readers.

With our RSS reading apps, we read hundreds of blogs per week, scouring every resource we can to help build our business.

Not only has reading blogs enhanced our team’s creativity and knowledge, but the following bloggers have all demonstrated unparalleled quality in their content and attributed greatly to the success of thousands of businesses, including Flight Media. That said, here are 11 business bloggers you should be following:

1. Neil Patel (Quicksprout)

Ah, the master of case studies, split-testing, and infographics!

We love reading Neil’s long, detailed posts about once a week. His over-the-top attention to detail will blow your mind–especially when it’s backed by mountains of glorious evidence.

If you’re looking to improve your traffic and conversions, then Neil Patel is the man. Just stop by his site’s homepage and type in your website to catch a glimpse of what Neil has contributed to the online business world.

2. Corbett Barr (Fizzle)

Corbett is someone we consider a ‘master blogger.’ We found him through his previous website, Think Traffic, where we learned from his countless techniques of ‘creating epic shit’ to drive boatloads of traffic to our blog.

On top of being a blogging master, he also holds an incredible podcast every week for ‘creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders.’ With tons of inside jokes and wisdom, Corbett,  Chase Reeves, and Caleb Wojcik will walk beside you in your business journey during the podcast.

Learn about their podcast here.

3. Hubspot (Hubspot Blog)

I guess you could say we’re “Hubspot fanatics.”

Not only do we admire their product and what they bring to the business world table, but we practice their methodology and even got certified in it. (You should, too)

With their inbound marketing techniques, they have taught thousands of marketers and businesses the power content marketing holds.

4. Jeff Bullas (Blog)

Jeff Bullas probably holds a ‘social media guru’ title. Along with Neil Patel, his blog posts are ridiculously long and filled with boatloads of value. His intelligence, mixed with his vast amount of experience, has made Jeff one of our favorite bloggers for years.

5. Peg Fitzpatrick (Blog)

With her wise and witty posts, Peg makes reading blogs entertaining. From tips on maximizing your blog content, to teaching you how to connect with customers on social media, Peg is a book full of knowledge. Side-Note: Her Google+ marketing is astounding.

6. Patt Flynn (Smart Passive Income)

If you’re looking for instant motivation in regards to your online earning potential, Smart Passive Income is a must. Patt shares his experiences and income earnings each month to show entrepreneurs that anything is possible.

Side-note: He builds businesses in different industries and walks the line with you as he shares their progress every month. On top of that, he has a weekly podcast filled with ample amount of insights that will change your business. Listen to it here.

7. Michael Dunlop (Income Diary, Retireat21)

The young an magnificent Michael Dunlop has proven that becoming a self-made millionaire by 21 is possible. His simple, yet effective concepts of generating traffic, leads, and money online is incredible. As the creator of the Popup Domination software, he has also helped more than 50,000 websites increase leads by 529% on average.

8. Aaron Lee (Blog)

Aaron is another great example of a ‘social media guru’. With his prime social network being Twitter, he will teach you how to dominate it within 5 minutes of reading his blog. The nice thing about reading Aaron’s blog is that his humble, conversational style of writing makes it easy to learn. (Especially with his plethora of images.)

9. Rebekah Radice (Blog)

Rated one of the Inman Top 100 Influential Leaders in Media, Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing, you know Rebekah is a pro. On top of the mounds of valuable content she provides on her blog, we also think she has a nice smile. 🙂

10. Darren Rowse & Brian Clark (Copyblogger)

We can’t begin to describe the value Brian, Darren, and the rest of their team have brought to Flight Media. Copyblogger has been in our list of ‘reading blogs’ since the beginning and we can’t thank them enough for the content they bring us on a daily basis. If you haven’t studied Copyblogger and you’re a writer, do it. You won’t regret it.

11. Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner)

Michael Stelzner knows social media like the back of his hand. He turned Social Media Examiner into the world’s largest social media online magazine, been featured in Huffington post (along with a ton of other credible sites), hosts one of the top 10 itunes marketing podcasts, and holds two of the largest physical and virtual social media marketing conferences in the world. And that’s just the start. 

To learn more about Michael and his massive online success, click here. [divider] Each one of these blogs has greatly contributed to Flight Media’s online success.

What business bloggers do you follow?