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Social media is essential for every business and individual brand. Whether you’re small business, large corporation, or individual personality, social media will help you build a presence online & immediately give you an audience of buyers to speak to instantaneously.

There’s never been a time in history when you could speak to thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of people in a matter of 30 seconds. Social media is one of the greatest marketing & branding investments you can make.

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Social Media Management

How it Works

4 Proven Steps

Growth 1
Posting 2
Engagement 3
Reporting 4

Growth is the first, most important step to building a successful brand on social media. If your audience isn’t growing, then your posting won’t be effective–minimizing engagement & sales.

We’ve learned that there are 1 of 3 ways to accumulate growth on social media: if you’re a celebrity, if you buy fake followers, or intentionally. Chances are, you aren’t a celebrity. And chances are, you don’t want fake followers.

We mix a combination of advertising and engagement (liking, commenting, following, etc.) to accumulate relevant, engaged followers.

Posting is the second step.

As your audience grows, it’s important to know what to post, when to post and how often to post on each social network.

From posting more than 50,000 times on social media, we’ve been able to create our own ‘secret sauce’ that works in any niche. Yes, even underwater basketweaving.

Engagement is the third step–where relationships are built, sales are made and brand advocates sprout.

‘Thanking’ followers for sharing your content or posts, answering questions about products, sparking conversations, and building relationships with followers leads to a successful online brand.

Bottom-line: people get on social media to connect with other people & brands. If you aren’t connecting with your followers through engagement, social media will yield minimal returns.

Reporting is the fourth and final step.

To effectively improve your brand on social media, it’s vital to test different strategies, evaluate performance and adjust accordingly. 

Proper reporting means better understanding your demographic–who’s buying, sharing, engaging, etc. Better understanding your demographic means more sales.

And we love sales.

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