Inbound FAQ

*Annually = Created Every 12 Months

*Semi = Created Every 6 Months

*Quarterly = Created Every 3 Months

Blog Articles

Flight Media’s high-quality articles, written and tailored to your audience every month.

Build Offer

To generate leads, it’s most effective to give away something for free–often in the form of an Ebook. By doing this, we can capture necessary information (email, phone, name, position, etc.), followup and close the sale. As your marketing team, we’ll write and design your ‘free offer.’

Design Landing Page

Once you have a ‘free offer,’ it’s important to have a website page dedicated to capturing visitor information, in exchange for downloading it. We’ll design a beautiful landing page that will do just that. Our landing pages typically convert 20%-42% of visitors into leads.

Design Call to Action (CTA)

To maximize free offer downloads, we’ll design a graphic to insert at the bottom of relevant blog posts, that leads visitors to the landing page. Below is a sample Call to Action.


Social Management

Growth, posting, engagement and reporting for a social network. Full management.

Goal Setting

A 90-minute session with your inbound marketing team, to establish desired results for your inbound marketing campaign–reviewed and revised semi-annually.

Game Plan Creation

To reach our set goals, it’s important to have a 12-month game plan with strategies and phases of implementation. Your inbound marketing team will pre-plan the entire campaign, to ensure we’re on tracking and hitting our set goals.

Hubspot Blog Migration

To maximize our efforts, we’ll be utilizing Hubspot’s blogging platform. It allows us to do keyword research, write, schedule, and publish blog posts directly within Hubspot. This shows us what blog posts are converting the most leads, getting the most visits/engagement, and much more. Our development team will install Hubspot’s system on your website’s blog.

Social Branding

To maintain brand consistency across all social networks, we’ll design cover photos and profile photos that have a strong call to action and branding. Below is a sample of a cover photo.


Monthly Reporting/Strategy

We’re an adaptive marketing agency. Based on our monthly reports (social media, content marketing, email marketing, etc.,) we decide how to proceed with the next month. Your success and ROI is our #1 priority.

Sales Automation

While lead acquisition is a very vital task in itself, what happens after they’re acquired is even more important. This is where sales automation comes into play. With Hubspot, we’ll develop automated lead-nurturing email campaigns that will drip content to unconverted leads, till they’re ready to buy.

Keyword/Competitor Research

Ranking on the front page of Google is essential for acquiring and maintaining organic website traffic. We’ll research your competitors, find out what they’re kind of content they’re creating, and do it better. Hubspot’s in-depth keyword research tool also allows us to write posts, based on pin-point searches done in Google every day.

Persona Development

In the first phase of your inbound campaign, we’ll work to develop your buyer persona. Otherwise known as your ‘ideal customer.’ What do they like? How old are they? What gender are they? Where do they live? What are their purchasing behaviors? Don’t worry, we’ll find out and tailor our campaigns to them.