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Working with Flight Media

Who handles my marketing, exactly?

Every client works with a dedicated marketer. That marketer handles all their accounts, brainstorms strategies, runs reports, and maintains effective communication.

How do you ‘grow’ my social media?

We’ve learned that there are 1 of 3 ways to accumulate growth on social media: if you’re a celebrity, if you buy fake followers, or intentionally. Chances are, you aren’t a celebrity. And chances are, you don’t want fake followers.

We mix a combination of advertising and engagement (liking, commenting, following, etc.) to accumulate relevant, engaged followers.

How long are your contracts?

3 months (minimum). When it comes to marketing, massive results don’t typically happen in one month. In fact, the first month is usually a combination of creating strategies, setting up accounts, preparing content, and getting things off the ground.

We’ve learned that the ‘magic number’ of months it takes to get results and calculate ROI of a campaign is 3 months. After that, everything is on a month-by-month basis. 

Side-note: The 3 months are a commitment, not an ‘all up-front’ payment. Billing is monthly.


How do you make the posting sound like me?

Prior to posting on your social media, your dedicated marketer will create a Google spreadsheet of pre-created posts, based on our case study of the 4 Most Popular Types of Content you can post.

After the posts are created, you’ll get unlimited access to the spreadsheet to make any necessary comments. Over time,  your dedicated marketer learns your brand’s voice and will become the closest duplicate of you, that you’ll ever find.

What are some results I could expect?

Like investing in the stock market, marketing is an investment in your business growth. (And subject to risk)

Every niche yields different results. Some, more than others. 

Although results aren’t identical each time, here’s what our average client experiences in the first 3 months, in terms of growth, starting from zero followers:

Twitter: 4,000 followers
Instagram: 2,000 followers
Pinterest: 1,500 followers
Google+: 1,000 followers
Facebook: determined by advertising budget & niche

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is custom-tailored to your needs. 

For example, while we may recommend Instagram to a TV Host or an Individual Brand, we wouldn’t recommend it for a financial institution. 

Our team will know exactly what marketing strategies will be relevant and yield the greatest results for your business. Once we determine those, we’ll send you an official proposal to join the Flight Family and have us as your marketing team. (Don’t worry, it’ll be sent via email, not on one knee with a ring.)

How do you differ from other firms?

Easy. We get results.

While marketing companies are a dime a dozen, most come up empty-handed by the end of the campaign, yielding little to no results. We pride ourselves in a 95% client retention rate and exceptional results.

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